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Thrift Savings Plan 2016 – Making it Count!


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Must Attend Training Event
“Thrift Savings Plan 2016 – Making it Count!”

You have received this email because you have either attended a previous workshop or recently missed one. Please pass this information along to a colleague if you think they might benefit from this workshop.

Do you understand your Thrift Savings Plan?
Are you concerned how it affects yourother Federal Benefits?

Why not take control of your future TODAY by learning the critical information you need to know about your Thrift Savings Plan…and strategies to make the most out of it!

Generally, you can only increase your FERS/CSRS retirement annuity and Social Security benefits by working longer or earning more money.

But the TSP is different. It’s the one piece that is almost entirely up to you. Saving consistently and making smart investment choices can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and a difficult one…

“Will my Retirement Annuity be enough money in retirement?”

“If there’s a gap, how will I use the TSP to make up the difference?”

“How do I know which Funds are best for me?”

“Should I contribute to the Roth account or the Traditional?”

“How can I figure out if I’m contributing enough?”

The time is NOW to get all the answers about one of your most important federal retirement benefits… especially if you’re at or nearing retirement!!

Most Common Concerns about the Thrift Savings Plan:

  • How much should I be contributing to the TSP?
  • What’s the difference between each of the funds and which ones are right for me?
  • Will there be a gap in what I make in retirement & what I need tomaintain my lifestyle?
  • When I retire, how do I manage my Thrift Savings Plan and how can I draw income?
  • Will my Thrift Savings Plan be able to make up the difference in my income?
  • Which income payment options are best for me so I don’t run out of money?
  • What are the pros & cons of keeping my money in Thrift Savings after I retire?

If you’ve asked yourself these or similar questions, then don’t fail to  Attend This Workshop. Many federal employees nearing retirement express the same concerns and are still looking to get the answers they seek!

… and after many years of teaching federal employees, we have found that most of you have not been providedwith the proper knowledge or the necessary tools to  Make the Most out of Your Benefits… …to  Make Them Count so you can,  Be as Prepared as Possible for Retirement!

Don’t find out 2 or 3 years into your retirement that you could have learned something new TODAY that would have prevented you from leaving money on the table at some point in your future.

All Federal Employees are eligible to attend, at NO COST to you, any of the local benefits training events to obtain answers to the many questions you have – a highly trained and experienced Federal Employee Benefits Counselor will be instructing the class. Spouses are encouraged to participate.

We consistently get very high marks on our content and on our instructors…

What some say after attending one of our workshops:
“the instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.” Ruby
“this workshop was very interesting and informative… I learned a lot !” George
“I would definitely come again and I’m recommending this to my co-workers.” Tina
“A small group of us came and we were very pleased with the information we came away with….thank you.” Liz

The Thrift Savings Plan training class will cover your TSP benefits in detail.

To register for one of the sessions, click the REGISTER button below. Your mobile device or personal computer is recommended. If your spouse will attend, please register their name separately.

Having trouble registering? CALL our registration hotline (800) 476-4713

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Attend either the morning or the afternoon session below:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Session 1: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Session 2: 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Edward R. Roybal Federal Building,
255 East Temple Street
4th Floor, EEOC Conference Room
Los Angeles CA 90012
(800) 476-4713
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Topics Covered:

  • What are the basics of the Thrift Savings Plan?
  • Contributions & Matching – Accumulation
  • Investment Options & Theory – Growth
  • Tax Strategy – To Roth or not to Roth
  • Withdrawals & Distributions – Income
  • Beneficiaries & Entitlements – Legacy
  • Questions & Answers

No matter what your ideal retirement looks like, we can help you get there.

Edward R. Roybal Federal Building,
255 East Temple Street
4th Floor, EEOC Conference Room
Los Angeles CA 90012

(800) 476-4713